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A luxury hotel in Sweden, the Nordic Light Hotel, is offering a free stay to anyone with a serious online following of either 2,000+ Facebook friends or 100,000+ Instagram followers. 

According to the hotel, it "accepts personal social networks as currency.” Hence, the rates are adjusted accordingly (500 private friends on Facebook = 5 % discount, 1000 private friends or more = 10 % discount, etc)

Nordic Light Hotel's seven-night stay usually costs $360/night. According to the CEO Marcus Majewski, he believes that the promotions on social media platform provides a greater benefit than the actual cost of the rooms. Accordingly, the guest needs to post when they make a reservation, when they check in, and when they check out. If they fail to do so, they'll be charge the full rate. 

A new business model should be created where actionable influence would be rewarded to artists. This hotel is thinking along the same line and realizes that social media/influence is a form of currency. My previous thought limited it to artists with a following, but I'm extending it to include anyone who has a large fanbase and exert a discernible influence over them. 

This form of payment could become quite commonplace in the very near future.

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