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As some of you can tell, my website changed and that's because I migrated from Squarespace to Blogger.

There were two main reasons for my decision:
  1. Squarespace costs $12-$16/month, depending on your subscription, whereas Blogger is free.
  2. Blogger is now owned by Google and my experience with Google has generally been positive.
I think Squarespace website templates are a lot more visually pleasing and that's why they charge a premium.

However, if you're able to get a hold of a nice template, you can import it to Blogger and tweak it to your preference.

My experience is this:
  • Squarespace has aesthetically pleasing website templates and is easy to maintain, but it's less customizable than Blogger. You're paying for convenience. 
  • Blogger's basic website templates are not very attractive (more functional than anything else) but it's very customizable, requiring you to know your HTML/CSS if you want to tweak it to your preference.
  • Both are very easy to use in terms of blogging, which is something I'm hoping to get back into. 
In the end, I decided that it's probably better to learn how to use Blogger better.

Time will tell if this was the right move or not, but I'm hopeful. 

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