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I think Rohinni's Lightpaper, once technology is perfected, will change society. 

According to the Rohinni company, they've figured out a way to apply light onto any surface, regardless of shape. 

While we've thin lighting before, we've never seen it this thin or applicable to different surfaces and shapes. Lightpaper has a life-span 20 years. 

Right now, it's version 1 and the company is trying to fix a problem with uneven distribution of the lights on printed surface. It's producing a shimmering effect that the company is trying to correct. 

The manufacturing process is also very fast. Rohinni's CMO Nick Smoot said that, "The design process is something that can be done almost in an afternoon. We've had people engage with us before, and before the day is out, we have designs that can go to market, which is a pretty weird thought."

Consumers should start to see Lightpaper near the middle of 2015, but the company is primarily focus on the industrial space.

Still, imagine that any surface could be lit and how that'll change the design of everyday items. 

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="800.0"] Bottom-lit surfaces will become the norm Bottom-lit surfaces will become the norm [/caption]

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