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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="574.0"] Book cover of The Three-Body Problem from Tor Press Book cover of The Three-Body Problem from Tor Press [/caption]

I have not read The Three-Body Problem (三体) but it's on my must-read list. 

I'm quite excited about all the attention it's getting. After all, science fiction has always been a difficult genre for Asia (excluding Japan). Japan embraced Western scientific progress much earlier than their Asian counterparts and had a devastating, first-hand experience of scientific progress (the atomic bomb) and so Japan has been able to visualize a technologically-advance Japan. 

Previously, Asian countries, other than Japan, have been unable to imagine a future where their country is technologically-advance. This was understandable, given that their country was not scientifically advance nor had the economic resources to produce such imaginative progress. I have long lamented the fact that Asia (excluding Japan) was unable to produce science fiction of value. 

Luckily, that is changing. China, the Philippines, and even Singapore are producing speculative fiction of high quality. 

As Asia continues to develop technologically and economically, this genre will undoubtably grow in size. Who knows, maybe one day it would be impossible to imagine a science fiction story without Asia. 

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