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About two weeks ago, I shared that I was a quarter-finalist in the ScreenCraft writing competition. Last weekend, I found out that I'm now a semi-finalist in the competition. According to ScreenCraft, this represents "roughly the top 7% of submissions selected". I am very honored that my script made it this far. 

Most of the time when you're writing, it's like you're in a vacuum because everything is all in your head. The process of writing is trying to document/share what's in your head with the rest of the world, but you're never exactly sure how the world is going to perceive it. Statistically speaking, most of the time, the world doesn't care or like what you're sharing. While artists and writers shouldn't be too reliant on other people's opinion, this kind of positive feedback does help from time to time. It reminds writers, me at least, that while we operate in isolation, we're not isolated if other people can connect with us through our work. When that happens, it's one of the coolest feelings in the world.


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