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I got a chance to watch this movie in theatre and have to say that I really like it.

It's a charming romantic-comedy (remember those?). The genre hasn't been popular lately due to a string of poor performing, critically pan rom-coms. Think of the last time that you watched a rom-com in theatre. Been a while? Yeah, you're not alone. 

What I like about this film is it's accessibility. The characters and settings are set in a Bangkok that is international, but yet with Thai characteristics.

The story centers around Yim, a foul-mouthed Eurasian with a poor command of the English language, who coerces Pleng, an English tutor, to tutor him English so that he can get his girlfriend back. Yim’s girlfriend, who’s Japanese, studied English with Pleng and passed the company’s English exam. She relocates to the US and asks Pleng to tell Yim that it’s over. Yim blames Pleng and forces her to teach him English. Hilarity ensues and Pleng starts to fall for her ill-mannered student. 


Yim, as required by the laws of the rom-com genre, is oblivious to his feelings for Pleng and continues to pursue his ex-girlfriend until it's almost too late. 

Of course, the film is not without faults. There is a lot of cheap humor, with jokes about poop and butts. There is also a lot of overacting in the film, but it sort of fits the genre. 

The film is a bonafide hit in Thailand, setting the record for the second-highest opening day at 29 million Thai baht. All in all, I can see why it’s a huge hit and I think the globalized nature of the story allows for a remake. 

I can imagine similar scenarios starring people of different nationalities. Imagine the comedic possibilities with miscommunication and mispronunciation. The story can be adapted and localized to fit the local market. 

Last year, China’s Heyi Pictures teamed up with South Korea's Film Line Pictures Production and Malaysia's Prodigee Media to remake the Thai film, Teacher's Diary. Personally, this film holds a lot more remake potential than Teacher's Diary.

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