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Last Monday, model Christy Turlington Burns wore an Watch at Apple’s Spring Forward event where Tim Cook unveiled the new Macbooks (gorgeous, but slow) and to hype up the Watch.

What seems to be missing from the news is Apple's patent application that was published on Dec 11, 2014 for "Method and apparatus for forming a gold metal matrix composite".

In short, Apple has created a method that makes their 18k gold contain less gold than regular 18k gold by messing around with the metal composite and basically using cheaper materials to accomplish this task. 

Tim Cook said that Apple's gold is harder and more scratch-resistant than regular gold and this might be due to the fact that Apple may be using low-density ceramic particles in its gold composite, which makes it less dense overall and hence less gold. 

The post here has all the lowdown on the mathematical calculations behind this patent. 

Now, while Apple does have this patent, it seems that Apple has not use it...yet. The Watch that were announced last Monday were using standard gold alloy and not Apple's patented gold composite. 

Some questions remain though — how exactly is Apple able to make their gold harder and more scratch resistant than regular gold? Will Apple eventually use this patent sometime in the near future?  

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