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The Verge has a terrific interview with RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan about his exclusive music content: the "Big Horn B" music track that is exclusive to people buying the limited-edition Wu-Tang Bombotix speaker and the "secret album" that was auctioned off by the four-year-old online auction house Paddle8. 

They [Paddle8] respect the idea of music being returned to art. It’s the same thing with Boombotix; to me, this is all part of this idea of making music tangible and making it have a value within itself instead of just becoming something that’s being devalued.


It's interesting to see if exclusive content can drive hardware sales and vice versa and while this won't be the first time that an artist release an exclusive content with hardware (Samsung had an "exclusive" 72-hour early release for Jay Z's Holy Grail album), it is still an interesting experiment.

Should consumer expect more exclusive content when they consider hardware? And does hardware make the artistic content more "tangible" like how RZA described it? 

I'm not sure but I think it's great that a multi-talented artist like RZA is thinking of such issues and experimenting with it. More power to him. 

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