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I recently attended an event where author Meira Chand was speaking and picked up a copy of her book A Different Sky.

While I have not finished the book, the premise should interest those with an inclination towards intercultural relations in Asia during the height of the British Empire. The story takes place in 1927 and revolves around three young people - Mei Lan, a Chinese girl trying to find herself, Howard, a Eurasian with disdain for Britain, and Raj, an Indian with a dream of becoming a successful businessman - and their life in Singapore while trying to discover if the island can become their home. 

This is my first exposure to Meira Chand and I'm honestly blown away by the mastery of her craft. During her talk, she mentioned this idea of an "artificial memory", where writers are so immersed in their subject matter that it as though they subconsciously create artificial memories to which they based their stories upon.  I have had moments where I felt as though I'm just recording what I'm witnessing, but I thought that I'm simply describing my imagination. Personally, I think she articulated this experience better than most writers. 

This is her eight novel and I hope to pick up her earlier works when I get the chance. I think her unique background, being of Indian-Swiss parentage and having spent significant time in London, Japan, Australia, and Singapore, gives her an uncommon perspective that is both refreshing and relevant. 

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