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A good question about Frozen popped up on Quora. User Marc Bodnick asked, "How could Frozen be improved as a story?" While I personally liked the film, I did think that there were a few glaring shortcomings. Firstly, the trolls just disappeared after their purpose of explaining Anna's illness and suggesting the possible romance between Anna and Kristoff. The story didn't even try to hide fact that the trolls were throwaway characters. Secondly, Elsa's ability to create life. She brought Olaf and the snow monster to life. Given that she has the power to create life without any explanation, Olaf was never in any danger. If Olaf had melted away, Elsa should have been able to bring him back to life. An even greater debate would be whether or not Elsa's ability to create life works on people. Lastly, the kiss that didn't happen between Anna and Prince Hans. If Prince Hans knew that his kiss wasn't going to work because it's not a true love's kiss, then why didn't he just kiss Anna anyway? Instead, he tells her that it won't work and it leaves you wondering why did he tell her and not kiss her and watch her reaction. It's one of those moments where the film explains rather than shows. However, all in all, the film was brilliantly executed and deserves its phenomenal commercial success. 

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