Singapore Writers Festival 2016 Starts Today

This year's theme is Sayang. Sayang is a Malay word for love and the goal of this year's festival is to "delve into the multi-faceted human condition". Can't wait.

On a side note, it is somewhat interesting that the Korean word for love is sarang (사랑). Hmm...wonder if there's any relation between the two languages or did one country borrow the word? If so, it's a very interesting word to borrow from another language.  

Vesak Day

Today is Vesak Day or more popularly known as "Buddha's Birthday". Interestingly, due to the different lunar calendars across Asia, different countries in the region celebrate this on different days. Generally, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Malaysia observe Vesak Day on the same day while Thailand, Myanmar, and Singapore observe it on a different day. Hong Kong and South Korea also observe this on entirely different days (again, due to the different lunar calendars of the respective countries). Taiwan decided to stop basing it on the lunar calendar and simply set it as the as the second Sunday of May, the same date as Mother's Day). Interesting, huh?

Regardless of which Asian country you're in, it is a fairly big religious event in Asia and most Buddhist temples in Asia are bustling with Buddhist devotees. 

In light of Vesak Day, here's an infographic with 10 interesting facts about karma you probably didn't know from Kadampa Meditation Center South Carolina.