It's been a while...

Blogging is time-demanding and so I haven't had time to write anything here for the longest time.

Due to personal and professional reasons, I've been swamped with other activities besides blogging. Still, it's nice to have a personal place to post your thoughts and such. 

The walled gardens of Facebook, Twitter, etc makes it feel as though the digital space isn't yours and that they're simply allowing you to use their space. You need their permissions and such whereas with your own website/domain, you can pretty much post whatever you want. 

Seeing people arguing about censorship on Facebook makes you realize that your FB account or post doesn't belong to you, you're simply renting it from Facebook and they're allowed to kick you out anytime they think that you're doing something they don't like. Activists asked Facebook to not censor videos about police confrontation following the tragic death of Korryn Gaines. Earlier this year, the website banned Aboriginal activist Celeste Liddle for posting pictures of bare-breasted Aboriginal woman performing their cultural ceremony in the desert. 

It's not a complaint as Facebook is free to do whatever they want but a good wake-up call for everyone that it's their walled garden, not yours. 

World Map of Dominating Websites

Here's an interesting map from webempires

It's 3 years old and it would be interesting to see if the dominating websites are still dominating. I'm particularly interested to see if Yahoo is still the leading website in Cameroon and if is still leading in Central Asia. 

Hopefully, webempires will update this map soon. 



Digital Marketing - Email is still the one

According to research by ExactTarget, the answer is still email. It's more effective than Facebook and Twitter, but I'm not sure if that's just a matter of time as society experiences a massive paradigm shift in messaging/communication.

Email was a major paradigm shift from phone, fax, and mail. Messaging apps, with its multitude of features, is becoming a major form of communication. How often do you use Whatsapp, Line, WeChat, Skype, etc versus email? Once you can do everything on your messaging app, then email will become less relevant. We're still a long way from there, but it's coming.