How countries spend money

Yesterday, the infographic shows that China now has more highways than the US which got me thinking about how countries spend their money.

Last year, Economist made a chart that looks at this very question.

It's fascinating that US spends the least on food, considering the percentage of obesity in America, I thought that Americans would be spending more money on food. I guess that food is relatively cheap in America and so that's the reason for the obesity?

Australia really loves recreation and spends the most in that category, more than US, Japan, or the EU. 

Hopefully, the Economist will update the chart and include more countries this time around. 

Self-Storage vs Fast Food Restaurants

After looking at food for the past two weeks, it made me wonder about actual floor space. 

SpareFoot made an infographic comparing self-storage space vs fast food restaurants. Kind of fascinating to look at it this way. McDonald's and Starbucks have amount the same amount of space, but less than Subway. 



World's 17 Most Dangerous Food

After looking at food for the past two weeks, it's probably good to examine which food is dangerous. 

Some food seems pretty innocuous, like rhubarb leaves, cashews, and star fruit. Monkey brains, casu marzu (maggot cheese), and hákari (rotten smelling shark) are something that sounds inherently dangerous. Kind of makes you wonder how people "discover" that you can eat these things. 

the-worlds-17-most-dangerous-foods_ from visually.jpg